How to write a great content and publish for free

Writing a good article requires two things: good content and good technique. If you are a new content writer, we would like to suggest please have a read before publish your content anywhere.

This is a good resource to write a good article or product review:


After reading the article you will know basic and simple things which should mention in the article. Well, enough instruction for article. Lets post something.

Here is step by step guide of how you can post a great article:

  1. Go to login page and login. If you do not have any account, do a quick register and then login.
  2. You will see a menu called “posts” on your left side. When you expand it, you will get “add new”. Click on it.
  3. Now, you will have a form and you can start writing. Use the editor tools to add images, text formatting, heading and links etc.
  4. On your right hand side, you can see “save as draft” or “publish” button. Use this when you are done.
  5. You will also see “set featured image” on your right hand side. By this link you can upload a cover image which will be used to show on your social media. So, use it wisely.
  6. Below the text editor, there is another section which will help you to improve your writing or notify if you have anything wrong in case.
  7. Remember, quick instructions will help you to write great article and a great article will be shown top of search results. That means, your product review will be top and you will get more customers.

When you write your article always follow the steps. Most beginners write whatever running in their mind on the time of writing. This is bad. You should have a basic list of your article description.

11 simple answers which will create an effortless and informative article in a few hours:

  1. What is TOPIC?
  2. Why the TOPIC is helpful to us?
  3. Who can be benefit with TOPIC?
  4. Should I use this TOPIC?
  5. The negative point of the TOPIC
  6. How it works (internal basic logic)
  7. How to get the TOPIC (Getting started)
  8. Is the TOPIC free?
  9. If not free then show some reason why this should be payable and why people should buy this
  10. How can users pay, payment gateways etc
  11. The TOPIC must be written like someone is saying this to you

So basically if you are writing about anything just ask yourself with above question and write the answer of your TOPIC. This is how you can cover most important things in your article. Here a TOPIC is the product/service or whatever thing you are writing about.

Okay, so you know how to write a great content based article. But what about heading? People will not read your content until it has an attractive title. So yes, it is very important to write a proper meaningful, attractive and amazing headlines for your article. Neglecting this point will cause your article down.

Here is a list of keyword which you should consider in your article headlines:

  1. Game changing
  2. magnetic
  3. Tips
  4. Reasons
  5. Lessons
  6. Tricks
  7. Ideas
  8. Ways
  9. Principles
  10. Facts
  11. Secrets
  12. Strategies
  13. for Beginners
  14. That Succeeded
  15. From Scratch
  16. in 30 minutes
  17. An irresistible offer: 4 tips to do that
  18. Now
  19. practical, helpful, valuable, informative, worthwhile, beneficial, advantageous
  20. Fun
  21. Painstaking
  22. Free
  23. Strange
  24. Incredible
  25. Effortless
  26. Absolute
  27. Essential

Here is extra tips which will keep you ahead of your competitors:

  1. Try to use at least 600 words in the article. Below 600 is poorly consider in search engine. If you need to say enough try it under 2000 words.
  2. Keep your article headline under 62 characters including space.
  3. including a hyphen or colon in the headline increased the click-through rate by 9%.
  4. add a number, if possible odd
  5. use “You”
  6. Begin your headline with the words “How to”, “How”, “Why”, “Which”, “Who else”, “Wanted”, “This”, “Because”, “If”, “Advice”


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We hope now you have a clear concept of where to write, how to write and how to write article headlines. Start writing today and publish or review your content. Best of luck 🙂